Blodgett Canyon Cellars

Blodgett Canyon Cellars
448 Eagle Lane

About us:

A Montana Winery owner Kevin (a fifth generation Montanan) can trace his roots directly back to Montana's beginnings. "My Great- Great-Great-Uncle, Nelson Story, was among the first to establish a cattle herd in Montana by famously driving thousands of cattle from Texas to the Bozeman area in 1866. Nelson was even credited with kicking the box out from under outlaw George Ives in the first Virginia City Vigilante hanging." Kevin has worked as a Research Microbiologist since graduating from Montana State University in 1999, fermenting his first batch of "home brew" wine not long after. "I feel that my professional training really has helped prepare me for the winemaking process" Kevin explains. "Both often involve adding some of this to some of that, then carefully measuring the product. With winemaking, I just get to personally enjoy the results a little more than the stuff I'm mixing up in the lab."