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Boonville Farmer's Market

Boonville Farmer's Market
Route 12

About Us:

A planning of the Boonville Farmers Market committee was held in March 2010, at the Boonville Village office building.

Co-Managers of the Farmers Market, Judie Dellerba and Kelly Ulrich stated that the main goal of the meeting was to gather positive and constructive input for the market and to encourage volunteers to help with the worthwhile project.

We have consulted with both the Oneida County and Lewis County Cooperative Extension, gathering information and materials that will help get the Boonville Farmers' Market established."  Ulrich also informed the attendees that the Village of Boonville had granted their request for the market to be located on village property, were the skating rink was this past winter.  Ulrich stated that, "This is great piece of property, with good visibility and with a little development we feel will make a terrific venue. "

Dellerba added, "Having a Farmers Market here in Boonville gives consumer the access to locally grown, farm-fresh produce, while at the same time it offers the farmers and important supplemental source of farm income."

Both Ulrich and Dellerba agreed that the planning stages are critical to the success of the operation, especially when the farmers' market is a new market outlet to the buyers and the sellers.  Ulrich said, "That is why we need positive supportive input from the community and we hope this organizational meeting will offer the opportunity for just that."

Other individuals on the Farmer's Market Committee are: Kim Lansing Allen, site planning and vendor location,  Rhonda L. Vigus, PR/Advertising and Marketing.


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