Borough of Leetsdale

373 Beaver Street

Leetsdale is a community of about 1250 people located 15 miles north of Pittsburgh on Route 65, it's the last Allegheny County community along the Ohio River. More than 3000 people work within the borough. Leetsdale, one of the eleven municipalities that make up the Quaker Valley School District, is 1.02 sq. miles divided almost evenly by Route 65 and the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks. The property on the West Side of the tracks is predominately commercial and industrial with the Buncher Commerce Park and Leetsdale Industrial Park accounting for much of the hundred or so businesses in the borough. The borough is currently going through several major changes. We have just started construction on an Overpass, which will eliminate the dangerous at grade railroad crossing on Ferry Street; this project should be complete in November 2007. We are also preparing to build a new Municipal Building that should be complete next spring. Both projects are long over due and will benefit the community for years to come.