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Borough of Plum

4575 New Texas Road

Plum Borough is located in eastern Allegheny County approximately 13 miles east of the City of Pittsburgh in Western Pennsylvania. Plum Borough is the second largest Borough in the state of Pennsylvania comprising 29 square miles of land area containing a population of 26,940 persons according to the 2000 Census.

Plum Borough was founded as Plum Township in 1788 and was one of Allegheny County's first seven townships. It was reorganized as a Borough in 1956. The historic development of Plum Borough was closely tied to the industries which developed here including coal mining, aluminum powder manufacturing and gas and oil production. Plum Borough has further developed as a bedroom community as city residents continue to move to the suburbs of Allegheny County.

Plum Borough continues to develop as one of the fastest growing municipalities in Pennsylvania. With the development of new residential neighborhoods and the expansion of existing ones, Plum Borough's population will continue to grow into the 21st century. Although the population of Plum Borough is growing rapidly and expected to continue to grow in the future, there is plenty of land available for all purposes including residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural developments.