Borough Of Rutledge

212 Unity Terrace

History of Rutledge:

The Community of Rutledge was designed in 1884 by working people looking for a "Summer" retreat from the city life of Philadelphia. On July 25, 1885, the Rutledge Mutual Land Improvement Association purchased most of the land now known as Rutledge that was located on the Northeast border of Ridley Township and at later date completed the borough with the purchase of the land where Rutledge Court Apartments now stand, but at the time was purchased for the location of the Rutledge Institute (Rutledge School).

On June 8, 1887, the Court of Quarters Sessions of the Peace for the County of Delaware, heard the petition from the residents of the Village to be incorporated "The Borough of Rutledge".

The Question "Where did the name of Rutledge come from" has caused many a discussion among current neighbors. We do know that the earliest use of the name Rutledge was by the Rutledge Mutual Land Improvement Association on June 1885 when it was founded and incorporated. The Morton Chronicle dated October 25, 1888 states that the name (Rutledge) was taken from the book "Rutledge" written by Mrs. Miriam Coles Harris; and not named after Ann Rutledge, early sweetheart of Abraham Lincoln as the signs entering the borough so state; or even after that of John Rutledge-who sat along with John Morton on the Continental Congress.

History Of The Borough Hall:

The Rutledge Community Center was purchased from the Rutledge Fire Company (2/94). It is presently used for a borough office, Central Delaware County Sewer Authority Office, Brandywine Dog Training School, and for numerous rentals (wedding receptions, parties, etc.)

The building was originally built by the residents in 1912 for the Fire Company and the front steps were added in 1914. The fire trucks were originally 'housed' where the sewer authority office is presently located today and were moved to the newer fire house approximately 1970+. It should be noted the last location for the Rutledge Post Office was where the borough office is today.


John Cannarella

Friday, Sep. 22, 2017