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Bottomless Brewing

Bottomless Brewing
3543 East Lake Road

Bottomless Brewing is located in Fayette, 4 miles from Geneva. We are a farm brewery and serve our beer, local wine, and non-alcoholic beverages. Located on the Finger Lakes wine and beer trail, along the northeastern Seneca Lake, Bottomless Brewing craft beer is brewed on site. Situated in an iconic old dairy barn, these photos show the transition. Come see what we have built and enjoy a cold one!

The old dairy barn floor was jack hammered and removed by Carrie Fischer and Olan Rose of Corning, NY. The barn was then put up on temporary posts by Tom Thompson, Carrie Fischer, and their son Kyle Fischer with a bottle jack from Lowes. Carrie then removed 36 old barn footers with a rental skid steer and saved one to bring back "home" and put on display, much to Tom's delight!