Brea Veterans Club

735 Sourth Brea Boulevard

If you are looking for the need for volunteer helpers in Brea, Ca. please consider the local Veterans Club. It is composed of the Brea Veterans Of Foreign Wars ( 55 years in Brea) with its Ladies Auxiliary and the Brea American Legion ( 85 years in Brea) and its Ladies Auxiliary.

These two organizations host the Memory Gardens Avenue of Flags on Memorial Day every year with more than 1300 flags being raised in the morning and taken down in the evening and refolded. Also during the day they host a Memorial Service honoring all Veterans. They also are visiting the local Veterans Hospitals, hosting Youth Activities (such as the Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen essays and Patriotic Arts contest) which awards scholarships to local youths.


Bobbi Blair-Thompson

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
It's super cute, vintage WWII USO feel. Amazing prices on seriously top notch cocktails. And when they have love jazz, it's always outstanding.

David Ahn

Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013
I respect what Vets have done for this country, but that doesn't justify being super loud in 2 am, bothering tons of neighbors around their club. Wanna have a party? Get the sound-proof walls, then play as loud as you want with your doors shut!! Have called cops several times over 2 years, but they don't get it.

James Gonzales

Saturday, Sep. 12, 2015

Timothy Delgado

Tuesday, June 24, 2014