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Brelby Theatre Company

Brelby Theatre Company
7154 N 58th Dr

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Brelby Theatre Company is to foster an environment for artists to imagine and grow freely, create quality intimate theatre, and inspire our community.

Company Vision:

Through the production of professional quality shows, and the operation of high quality classes and workshops, the Brelby Theatre Company will work to become the epicenter of theatre in the Glendale area, and a valuable member of the West Valley arts community.   Brelby Theatre Company strives to provide directors, writers, designers and actors with a safe environment to enhance their creative abilities and explore their talents, through the creation of live theatre. Through all of this the Brelby Theatre company aims to be recognized around the state and the southwest as an example a thriving arts and entertainment organization.

Company Values:

As theatre is a collaborative art, we are looking for individuals who are not only well-rounded, but interested in learning about new aspects of the art form. Our company members will each be expected to take roles in various facets of each season.