Brenckle's Farm And Greenhouse

768 Glen Eden Road

About Us:

Brenckle's Organic Farm and Greenhouse

has been serving Cranberry and New Sewickley Townships, as well as, the whole Beaver Valley since 1949.  Chances are you've seen our products before, whether you knew it or not.  Our flowers have adorned many churches' altars and gardens, decorated Cranberry Highlands Golf Course, and you may have tasted our produce through the years at various local markets and chain super markets.  Today Brenckle's Organic Farm and Greenhouse is a family farm focused on its commitment to their local community and excited about expanding our area of service.

Spring is a season for new growth and future planning.  Check out our Spring page for a list of products including annuals, perennials, and organic vegetables to get your garden started.

This summer promises even more diversity in the types of produce and services we provide, including a full line of organic produce and a CSA program serving the Pittsburgh area.  Take a look at our Summer Page to see what's new.

Fall stands as the last celebration of the year's bounty and a time to prepare for the long winter.  We'll fill all your needs with our wide array of ornamentals for your home, as well as, produce for canning and freezing.  Look at our Fall Page for all of the details.