Brodstone Memorial Hospital

520 East 10th Street


In 1871, at the age of 22, William Louden arrived at the Republican River and after scouting the area decided to settle here, because the land was "superior." Louden's log cabin was Superior's first home, Post Office and general store. The town grew quickly due to expansion of the railroad, and Superior became home to many well-respected individuals including George Scoular, founder of Scoular Grain; and Evelyn Brodstone who became the world's highest paid female executive of her time. In her later years Brodstone married Lord William Vestey and resided at Kingswood Castle in London. After her death, Lady Vestey's ashes were sent back to Superior for interment, making her the only nobility to be buried in the state of Nebraska. Each year, during the Memorial Day weekend, Superior celebrates its Victorian heritage and pays tribute to a remarkable woman who was also one of it's greatest benefactors.