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Broward Children's Center

1801 East Atlantic Boulevard

Broward Children's Center and its affiliates specialize in helping infants, children, and young adults with special health care needs. Founded in 1971, our nonprofit facilities in Pompano Beach, Fla., offer a range of health, wellness, education, recreation, therapeutic, daily living and advocacy services. During more than three decades of service thousands of children and their families have benefited from the Center's programs.

Broward Children's Center provides a home to some of the most technologically-dependent children in the country and addresses the educational, social and medical needs of both typically developing and special needs children. The needs of these children have led the Center to pioneer the development of community-based residential facilities and school programming for children who are medically fragile and/or developmentally delayed.In the delivery of all these services the Center's overriding goal remains the provision of the highest quality of life possible to the infants, children and young adults we serve.

Broward Children's Center is committed to:

Providing high-quality medical, developmental and therapeutic services
Promoting and maintaining individual and family's maximum potential
Recognizing individuals and families' strengths and needs
Executing comprehensive programs that include successful transition to home and community
Facilitating parent-professional collaboration and education