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Bryson's Apple Orchard

Bryson's Apple Orchard
1011 Chattooga Ridge Rd.


During the late 1960's, Richard Bryson traveled to Long Creek to bear hunt after hearing reports ofMarvin and Richard Bryson of  Brysons Apple Orchard. black bears destroying apple trees and bee hives in the area. 

He instantly liked the area, so he bought a place and he and his wife Daisy moved to Long Creek with their sons and family.

Shortly after the move, Richard and his sons Marvin and Michael planted several apple trees in their new farm.  Each year they added new trees to the farm. 

They grew larger each year developing into what is now known as Bryson's Apple Orchard.   

Long Creek soon became one of the largest apple producing area east of the Mississippi River. 

Each year the orchard continues to grow larger, producing some of the best tasting apples in the world. 

Bryson's planted its first peach trees in 1999. 

Sweet South Carolina peaches can now be found at the Apple Stand.  Marvin & Michael are now the second generation of apple growers.  Richard passed away three years ago.