Bumpus Mills United Methodist Church

120 Antioch Road

To preach Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of all mankind. We use the Holy Bible as our textbook. We believe the Bible to be the unquestionable Word of God. Our pulpit is used to preach Christ and Him crucified.
As a church family our desire is to reach out to others in Christian love, identify with them, care for them, listen to them, and share our faith with them. We are not a "Come-Type" Church, but a New Testament Church that "Scatters!" We come for worship, scatter for witness.

Jesus was a great Teacher, but the world would have little interest in what He taught were it not for what He DID! We believe in "living" our Christianity outside the Church and in the home, work place, and the community. We believe the world would rather "see" a sermon than "hear" one any day.