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Bunker Tree Farm

Bunker Tree Farm
888 West Falmouth Highway

Closed for the 2020 Season


Bunker Tree Farm is a family farm dedicated to growing trees as a means to having fun and togetherness. This "cut your own Christmas Tree farm" is maintained by three generations of Bunkers, their dedicated spouses and friends, who have kept the farm active for many years. We are located at 888 West Falmouth Highway in West Falmouth, Massachusetts.

The Bunker Tree Farm is a "cut your own" Christmas Tree farm. The general public is welcome to come weekends starting after Thanksgiving and look through the field for a tree they would like.  If you find one, we have flagging that can be used to "tag" a tree. You may put flagging around your tree and come back on a later weekend to cut it. Please do not tag a tree before Thanksgiving- all early tags will be removed. If you would prefer to cut your tree that same day, we have hand saws available at the shed. There are always family members on duty to help cut and carry your tree to your car.