Burlingame Chamber of Commerce

290 California Drive

The mission of the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce is to nurture a progressive business environment by bringing the business community together in defining issues, developing programs and effecting public policy, through active membership involvement.


Alvin Chin

Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017
Every year I go to Burlingame on the Avenue. It's held over a weekend in Sept. when the weather is as perfect as it gets in Burlingame. This year it was around 73 degrees and sunny. Found a parking space in one of the city's lot. Listened to John H. Clarke, acoustic guitarist who performs at street faires. Went home and found him on one of the Google Play Music radio stations. I'm soooo happy now. There was another solo act on the stage closest to California Drive. The other stage had a very loud band which is done on purpose to spread the music as far as possible. But I would never sit close to the stage. There was an abundance of street food available but I noticed a lot of people opted for outdoor seating at bistros along Burlingmame Avenue. For an event that wasn't very well marketed, there was a huge crowd. Guess people remember this one.

Angela Perez

Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013
The Staff at Burlingame Chamber are always receptive and make a effort to keep you informed. You also feel welcome and they are sincere when they ask about you and business. I been a member for over 15 years. Professional Maintenance Service