Burlingame Intermediate School

1715 Quesada Way

Burlingame Intermediate School is a true middle school that has a program based on the developmental needs of the emerging adolescent. To this end, much of the school is organized into blocks of instructional time to create small centers of learning. Furthermore, teams are part of our program, advisory programs play a significant role in the culture of our school, and all classrooms utilize instructional strategies for the active learner. Technology is integrated into many areas of the curriculum. Inclusive activity programs provide additional opportunities for the adolescent.

Our Mission

At Burlingame Intermediate School, our mission is to ensure the academic achievement, social and emotional growth of all students in a safe and supportive environment. We strive to:

Bring each student to his/her potential
Inspire each student to develop a positive self-image; and
Support each student in becoming a life-long learner in an ever-changing society.


Emiliano Wemiz

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Isn't it great when a teacher gets mad at you when you take two forks(one for you and one for a friend) and make you put it back, even though it costs more germ spreading? Because i personally absolutely, without a doubt, LOVE IT!

Elana Weisman

Friday, May 25, 2018
over all BIS is a good school except for the food wich is overpriced and not good. the hambugers taste like cardboard. The teachers are great especially ms.okeane

Logan Leong

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
my teachers are nice, but the yearbooks, food etc. are overpriced. really, $50 for a dumb book that was $10 in elementary? Absolutely not! All they want is money.

Loujain Julani

Thursday, March 22, 2018
Can't wait to leave, this school sucks. The food is overpriced and taste like trash also most of teachers favor one or two students and don't even check in with the other students, so for the whole class you don't even learn anything. Also in 6th grade I had a teacher who would never call on me when I would raise my hand and she told my parents that its my fault I didn't understand because I don't ask questions.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018
BIS is a great school but the food and yearbooks are overprice. Like seriously, they make u buy a dam yearbook for 60 dumb dollars. All they want is money.They even make u buy yearbooks like "if u buy your whole class buys a yearbook, then u get a pizza party"(which cost about $70) and they get about $1,800 for only one class! Also there food is HELL. I don't really think its a good idea to get a yearbook so don't get it. Plus the teachers dosen't care about your education. They just hope u get a bad grade so they can happily make u stay one grade. Plus Bis is BS. some teachers are so mean that i think u should go to taylor instead. I know taylor is broke but bis isen't and they use all the money for thereself. They don't use the money for education.(sorry for bad spelling.) Go to taylor and help donate. They actually use the money for education. anyways bis is OK. Also tanush sucks!