Burlingame Intermediate School

1715 Quesada Way

Burlingame Intermediate School is a true middle school that has a program based on the developmental needs of the emerging adolescent. To this end, much of the school is organized into blocks of instructional time to create small centers of learning. Furthermore, teams are part of our program, advisory programs play a significant role in the culture of our school, and all classrooms utilize instructional strategies for the active learner. Technology is integrated into many areas of the curriculum. Inclusive activity programs provide additional opportunities for the adolescent.

Our Mission

At Burlingame Intermediate School, our mission is to ensure the academic achievement, social and emotional growth of all students in a safe and supportive environment. We strive to:

Bring each student to his/her potential
Inspire each student to develop a positive self-image; and
Support each student in becoming a life-long learner in an ever-changing society.


Logan Leong

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
This school is crowded, and the things there are not of comforting quality. Also, the school crams every final project into the last 2 weeks of school. Causing stress on kinds that ma be too much to handle. I almost felt a need for death due to this, as well as my twin bro, but his a bit more often. I used to like school, actually, but this ruined my opinion. Also the students are very heartless and sadistic. This one kid keeps kicking my friend, and using the middle finger! Than there is the swearing in the hallways, and the video games in class. Also, when I tell kids to behave, they act rude to me and say that I can't tell them what to do or whatnot. First of all, i'm not. Second of all, I'm trying to tell you to be good, but if you don't want to be a nice, DECENT person, that's fine by me, I'll just hate you. Anyway, that's partially not the schools fault. But otherwise, the teachers i have are nice, and I like the idea of the Passion Project. Therefore, this school is not too shabby. I hate the headphones, though. they feel like razors on my ears. Plz fix that. On the other hand, there are more things twisted about this school. The food and the yearbook are very expensive, and the food is terrible. The school also has a really easy science curriculum. I have not learned anything new yet. The teachers also have favored students, and are unable to catch swearing and gaming in class, as well as rude gestures, and violent actions. Also, fights break out almost weekly! Anyway, people are also making perverted/vulgar jokes about..uhhh...stuff. Meanwhile, teachers do not pay attention to these comments, and therefore making classes miserable. And there are many other bad hings about the school, but this ain't an essay!

America Prevails

Saturday, June 9, 2018
First off, this has been my last year, and frankly my favorite year, and not because I'm leaving. In 8th grade, all the teachers are really good and nice. There is like no homework and the teachers are really chill about everything. Reflecting back on my 3 years, I have learned many things and made many new friends. 8th grade is so fun, and I'm kind of sad to leave BIS. Last year, the teachers were great, but I had a lot of homework. In 5th grade, the school invested in a 10 million dollar building for Humanities. By the time it was finished, we were at the end of 6th grade, so we never got to use it until 8th grade. The one thing about 7th grade: we had no classes in the nice buildings and the science classrooms did not have lab tables, so we couldn't do experiments and stuff. Last year, they renovated the 7th grade science classrooms, but by they finished, it was halfway through this year. So kinda frustrating, but otherwise it was okay. In 6th grade, the teachers were really helpful in the transition from elementary school. The academics are not difficult and are not the reason why people hate 6th grade. The first 2 weeks are really awkward, but you'll begin to meet new people. We had to take this class called Social Emotional Learning, which was extremely boring and just talked about bullying the whole time, and didn't really help anything. 6th grade sucks since you get picked on by the older grades. In previous comments, many people complain about bullying. While this is not my main complaint, I do feel that it is obviously present and the admin do nothing about it. 6th graders always have it hardest, in my opinion, so if you dreading 6th grade right now, don't worry. The next two years will be better. The lunch food is overpriced for its horrible quality. One time I had to get it, and a little salad with a crappy tuna sandwich (the bread was stale and the tuna was gross, ended up taking it out) was $3.75. There is a lot of variety, but don't get to excited. You probably can't taste the difference between a hot dog and a burrito (okay, maybe that is a little strong.) The yearbook is okay. It costs up to $60, which is overpriced. They have competitions to see which advisory (homeroom) has the highest percentage of yearbooks bought. For being such an expensive yearbook, I believe this is unfair and can alienate kids whose families are not looking to spend that money. Advisory substituted homeroom last year. Basically, the class size was reduced and you do community building exercises (YAY!). We just end up watching youtube or playing games since by 8th grade, you know everyone's name and are friendly with at least 25% of the school. The band program is okay, but it seems like the school doesn't really care about it. The band program has little funding and the school instruments are horrible. The band teachers are nice. The choir/musicals are really popular at school. So if you like to sing, you should join them. I was never interested in it, nor paying 10 dollars for a middle school production, but I know many were and made friends and had fun. The robotics program did really well this year, but their teacher is kinda mean. That is all I know from it, sorry. PE is PE. The locker rooms aren't bad. Nobody at this point changes. some teachers make you run the mile. Others don't. The games we do can be kinda weird (knee tag, it's exactly what it sounds like). Other units are like fitness, track, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, scooters and kickball. So show up, be nice, pay attention and try a little and you'll for sure get that A+ everyone cares about. Yeah, so I'm gonna miss this place. The admin feels like they are too distant from the teachers and students and they favor kids who get in trouble a lot. If you find new friends, you'll have a lot of fun. One thing: the math program offers accelerated math if you get above 80% on your math tests in 6th grade. In 8th grade, you do Algebra 1, 7th, you do both 7th and 8th grade math. So good luck!

Emiliano Wemiz

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Isn't it great when a teacher gets mad at you when you take two forks(one for you and one for a friend) and make you put it back, even though it costs more germ spreading? Because i personally absolutely, without a doubt, LOVE IT!

Elana Weisman

Friday, May 25, 2018
over all BIS is a good school except for the food wich is overpriced and not good. the hambugers taste like cardboard. The teachers are great especially ms.okeane

Amelia Krakow

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
This school is amazing besides a few teachers and students**ahem**eighth graders**