Burr Oak State Park

10220 Burr Oak Lodge Road


Situated in the valley of Sunday Creek, the Burr Oak area was inhabited by Indians and, later, by settlers who found an abundance of game animals and the resources necessary for survival in the Ohio wilderness.

Coal, one of Ohio's most important mineral resources, was mined here for many years. As mining operations expanded, mining towns grew and prospered. Few of these mining towns were as notorious as the village of San Toy.

Many colorful tales were told of life in San Toy. In the true spirit of frontier life, so the story goes, a gunfight was once held over a $20 debt. The street was cleared as the two participants met for a showdown. The ensuing battle left both men lying in the street--one dead and the other critically wounded. The "Old West" came to life in Ohio when the coal company payroll was robbed by bandits who made a horse-mounted getaway through the town.

Countless other tales live on, but San Toy could not. A fire in 1924 destroyed the coal tipple and several businesses. The loss was so devastating that just three years later the second mine shaft shut down. In November 1931, the nineteen remaining voters decided to abandon the town. Today, only the church, the town's first building, still stands as a reminder of days gone by.

In 1950 Burr Oak Lake was built across the valley of the east branch of Sunday Creek, a tributary of the Hocking River.  The dam is about three miles north of Glouster on S. R. 13, in Trimble Township of Athens County.  From the dam, the lake extends southward for about 1 1/2 miles, where it crosses into Homer Township of Morgan County.  It then stretches northward for about four miles into Union Township of Morgan County.  Burr Oak Lake was built as a multiple-use reservoir for flood control, water supply, and recreation.  The Lake was a cooperative venture. The Department of Natural Resources purchased the land, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed the dam and control gates.  Two years later ,Burr Oak was dedicated as a state park.


Sylvia Tourstein

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
This is a state park lodge, not a resort. It has lovely activities to keep all ages busy. A large indoor swimming pool, a mini golf course, tennis/basketball courts & a playground. There are lots walking trails & a beautiful lake in view. There are only 38 lodge rooms (&30 cabins on property) as well as campgrounds nearby. This place is simplicity with nature are all around. We had both the family suites which were plenty big for relaxing with lots of family and King size room which is a standard hotel. Rooms were nicely appointed & clean. The restaurant was just fine, they served us in off hours between lunch & dinner and were super cordial with 1 server and 25 of us, this is vacation not a place to be in a hurry. The front desk even brought milk for the kids after hours (They might want to think about adding that to the drinks they sell up front since every family we saw had smaller kids.) The whole staff was welcoming & pleasant. Thank you Burr Oak! Everyone enjoyed their stay.

Crystal Chesser

Saturday, May 19, 2018
In 2016 my son and daughter in law had their wedding here. It was BEAUTIFUL and the staff was awesome. Fast forward 2 years and today I had my daughter in laws baby shower here. Again, it was just beautiful and the staff did an excellent job. Kayla, in sales, was extremely helpful and always so friendly. If your looking for a place to have a party you can't go wrong here.

Janelle Taviano

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Burr Oak Lake has been preserved in it's natural setting. The Lodge and cabins sit upon the lakes serene view. The rooms are amazing....the staff is professional yet very personable. The food affordable and always of deep quality. Nothing lacking in the hills at Burr Oak Lodge !!! Come and rest, hike, swim, boat and go home full....

Laurie Grieve

Monday, June 18, 2018
Place is gorgeous. Locals are hard to deal with. Trash all over the beach. Misinformation handed out about Dining convenience. In need of updates!

Kristin Fisher

Thursday, March 29, 2018
The lodge was very accommodating. Breakfast was delicious both days we were there and very affordable. The indoor pool was hard to find but was great when we did get to swim. The staff was nice.