Bury The Hatchet

6450 Roswell Rd. NE

Don't you think it's about time you Bury the Hatchet? You know, the exciting new Axe Throwing Experience that has taken the U.S. by storm! 

Enjoy the thrill of throwing an axe at a wooden target at Bury the Hatchet's indoor facility, located in the heart of Sandy Springs, GA. 

Book online at www.BURYTHEHATCHET.com or call us 404-974-4831


Here's how it works: During your 2-hour session, you play multiple games against a variety of opponents in a round robin tournament. You throw against a partner at a target and the person with the most points after 10 throws wins that game. Winners advance to play tougher opponents while those in the non-winners bracket continue to play against others of a similar fate. No matter where your talents lie, everyone can throw an axe and everyone can make it stick! In between turns, continue the fun by watching from the sidelines, enjoying a drink or two and socializing with friends old and new.


Safety is #1 at Bury the Hatchet. We operate a very controlled environment and each guest who enters must go through their safety briefing and training session before they are allowed to participate. Once official play begins, each lane has its own designated Axe Master to oversee games and ensure participants stick to their stringent safety standards. Axe throwing has a rich history and can be experienced by anyone ages 14 and older at our Atltanta facility.


Chances are, you've never thrown an axe before. Fear not, the art of throwing an axe is determined by your form, not your strength so anyone regardless of how often you hit the gym, can do it! It's a great family outing with your hard-to-please teens, an excellent way to spice up date night and even adds some competitive fun to a couples night out!


Looking for a fun new twist on the usual holiday party?! Call us to book your corporate outing or holiday party!

Call our customer service team at 404-974-4831 or send us an email SSInfo@BuryTheHatchet.com  


Book online at www.BURYTHEHATCHET.com or call us 404-974-4831