C and T Produce

2 Ringgold Road

We started farming in 1991. Craig grew up on a produce farm. His parents owned a large produce farm in King George County. So, as a child and young adult, he learned all the basics of growing vegetables.

After we started our own business, we tried some new techniques of farming. One that has worked very well is growing crops on plastic mulch. This is long strips of plastic that a machine lays in the field over rows of soil. We poke holes in the plastic, and place the plant in it. Irrigation is under the plastic, so little water is lost to evaporation. Also, the need for herbicides is greatly reduced, because there are few weeds in the hole where the plant is.

Being and established grower, C&T Produce, will do our best to offer a combination of variety, quality, freshness, and value. CSAs are not about getting discounted produce, nor are they cooperatives. CSAs are a unique way for people to have a better knowledge of the food they put in their bodies and the process, people, and land it takes to produce it.

CSA Details:

Season:  May through September
Type: Single farm
Since: 1991
No of Shares: 100
Full Share: 600/year. weekly pick-up 5/4/11 thru 9/21/11
Work Req? No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:

Alexandria  (Wed)

Delivery to the drop off point for several hours.

Arlington @ Clarendon Metro  (Wed)
Shares are delivered to a drop off location for several hours.

C&T Produce  (Wed)

Pick up anytime Wednesday 10am-6pm.
Contact: Tracy DeBernard
Phone: 540-371-7246
Address: 2 Ringgold Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22405

USDA parking lot NW Washington.DC  (Wed)
Shares are delivered to the drop off point for several hours.