Cal Sailing Club

124 University Avenue

Cal Sailing is a non-profit cooperative that owns and operates a fleet of about 23 sailboats from 14 to 26 feet in length, and about 80 windsurfing boards including novice, intermediate, and advanced designs. Located on the south side of the Berkeley Marina, CSC's major activity is teaching sailing and boating safety to its members. The boats are also available to members for recreational sailing, cruising, and racing.

All activities are free to members there are no charges for lessons, cruises, or boat and sailboard use beyond the quarterly membership fee. Qualified members can bring non-member friends out sailing as their guests.

The Cal Sailing Club is not part of the University of California. The U.C. Aquatic Center, which occupies the site immediately to the east of CSC, is a separate facility run by Cal Adventures and the University of California.