Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society

6300 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor


Since 1976, Calliope has been a nonprofit educational and presenting organization that promotes and preserves traditional and contemporary folk music and its allied arts. Calliope programs are unique to western Pennsylvania.

Calliope’s tripartite mission as presenter, educator, and community-builder has evolved naturally and steadily since our founding.  We continue to evolve as the product of Pittsburgh’s enthusiasm for celebrating the many musical forms and influences that shape the American experience.

Calliope’s first mission is to remain the premier presenter of traditional and roots-based music in Western Pennsylvania.  We strive to present performing artists of national and international reputation, to promote and encourage regional performers, and to reward audiences with experiences of music rarely presented elsewhere in our region.

Our second mission is accomplished through the Calliope School of Folk Music which provides accessible instruction of the highest quality for teaching heritage-based music to adults, teens, and children through classes, workshops, jam sessions, and collaborations with other organizations.

Music is a language through which we speak, learn, create, and come to know our world – engaging individuals of all backgrounds.  We can all find common interest in music.  Calliope’s third mission is to bring together people from many neighborhoods, ages and ethnicities to experience each other’s music and movement traditions, to trade stories, to forge friendships.  Within this mission, Calliope builds community, based on the common ground of shared experiences that engender understanding and respect for each other, each other’s traditions, and our common humanity.