Calvary Baptist Church

4744 Highway 165 South

Our Vision:
Our vision today is to lead God's family to have a fresh encounter with Christ through worship and to experience growth through Bible study.

It is also our desire to reach out to those who do not know Christ personally. Once a person has made a decision for Christ, we at Calvary feel it is our responsibility to help him or her develop into an active disciple of Christ.

History of Our Church:
On the third Sunday of September, 1903, a group of Baptists, interested in beginning a church in the area met with brother August J. Neilsen, the pastor of Cannon Street Baptist Church (later Rutledge Avenue Baptist Church, now Rutledge Memorial Baptist Church) in Charleston. Brother Neilsen led a revival meeting in November, with one result being plans for the constitution of a new church. Calvary Baptist Church, Meggett, South Carolina, was organized as the Yonges Island Baptist Church on February 28, 1904. The minutes of the church reveal that there were twelve (12) charter members. In a conference on March 2, 1904, the young congregation voted to secure land and build a meeting house. On July 31 of that same year, Brother Neilsen was officially called to be pastor. The Cannon Street congregation, which he also continued to serve, granted him permission to preach at Yonges Island on every third Lord's Day of each month. He did so until October 30, 1907, at which time he began preaching two Sundays per month.

The first church building was completed in 1905 with a dedication service held on March 18, 1906, one month after the final payment was made. That structure was destroyed by a terrible storm in 1911. A second building was raised by the men of the church at the same site on Ethel Post Office Road the following year.

Under leadership of Pastor E. M. Altman, the church voted in December 1919, to seek a new site on which to build a brick church. A parcel of land located in Meggett was donated by Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Donaldson. The church name was changed to Calvary Baptist Church on March 14, 1920, and the new sanctuary was completed. The first service was held in the impressive gothic revival structure on June 17, 1921. The educational building was constructed in 1951. Later, the property adjacent to the church facility was purchased. In 1969, several other improvements were made to the facilities including the installation of an air-conditioner.

The stained glass windows were installed in the 1970s. In 1979, an addition was made to the educational building, including a large kitchen and enlargement of the fellowship hall, along with a nursery and restroom. Renovations were begun to the sanctuary in 1989 including the enlargement of the choir loft and redesign of the baptistry and adjacent classrooms.  In September 1989, Hurricane Hugo hit, causing some damage to the sanctuary. The necessary repairs allowed for the complete renovation of the sanctuary.

The Calvary congregation carries on a tradition of ministry and missions as those early leaders did. God has been good to Calvary over the last 100 years and her people have been faithful to Him and His work. May Calvary continue with her tradition of Teaching, Worshiping, and Sharing Jesus until His return.