Calvary Church of Placentia

102 South Bradford Avenue

Although not always a part of the Evangelical Free Church movement, Calvary joined this denomination in 1988. Since its inception, Calvary had been an independent church, but after a time of prayer and deliberation the people of Calvary felt that it was important for Calvary to be a part of a group of fellowshipping churches. This would enhance the impact of Calvary on both the community and the world while increasing our accountability to a higher authority to stay true to the teaching of God's Word and the proclamation of the good news about Jesus Christ.

The Evangelical Free Church has its roots back in Europe and in Lutheranism. Over the years since the impact of Constantine on Christianity, there was confusion among many people over the unique authorities of state government and church government. At times the state was controlling the church and at times the church was controlling the state. It was during a time when the state was closely aligned with the church in certain Scandinavian countries. As a matter of fact, the church was a state church. Birth records were kept in the church through baptisms. Therefore, all who were to be on the state records had to be baptized in a state church. Many believers took strong exception to this practice since it meant that many unbelievers were being baptized---a practice reserved for believers in Christ. As a result, believers pulled out and began a new church that they call the "free" church because it was free of government interference. The only requirement to belong to this new church was a belief in Jesus Christ and adherence to the Bible as God's Word.

The denomination also has an excellent missions program and is considered a "pace-setter" in missions strategy. We are in many countries around the world. Presently Calvary does not support financially any Evangelical Free Church missionaries because of our longstanding commitment to several other missionaries with well-established missions.