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Cardiff Chamber of Commerce

124 Aberdeen Drive

Our Goals 

The Cardiff Chamber of Commerce/Cardiff 101's mission is to promote small town friendliness within the community towards local residents and visitors alike. The Chamber is an all volunteer organization of business and professional people, along with community members, who combine their efforts to improve their community within the city of Encinitas.

In December of 2005 the Chamber general membership endorsed the Board's recommendation to pursue California Main Street Certification. The program was established in 1985 as a means to help community organizations enhance the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of historic and traditional commercial districts.

This approach to commercial district revitalization is effective because it it comprehensive and community-driven. Merchants, property owners, and residents become partners and take action on a wide variety of community issues. Everyone benefits from an increased sense of pride and place, safer and cleaner neighborhoods, a variety of products and services, and community-oriented events.

The organization currently sponsors the Cardiff Arts Alive banner project and maintains Carpentier Parkway through the Cardiff Botanical Society, an all volunteer organization.

Community support is critical in achieving our goals of enhancing our unique California beach town lifestyle and revitalizing the downtown area. Show your commitment to the future of Cardiff-by-the-Sea by becoming a member of the Cardiff Chamber/Cardiff 101.