Cardigan Mountain Orchard

Cardigan Mountain Orchard
1540 Mt Carardigan Rd

Our history, where to begin....

Steve and Nancy moved to this small country town in the late 70's with no intention of being apple farmers, they were both teachers when they made the trek up to NH. After finding this small farm they bought it with the intention of just maybe trying to get some apples off of the trees for their own personal use, over 20 years later they both have left their careers in teaching and are now focusing their attention on the farm full time. The orchard was very run down when the Bleilers first acquired it in the 70's. After a lot of hard work, they were able to bring back almost all of the original trees and many more have since been planted. The total number of trees today numbers around 700! These days, the whole family can be found working on the orchard in various ways. Everyone has worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to get this small farm on its feet, but we agree that it has been worth it.