Care And Share - Alamosa And San Luis Valley


What We Do: Utilizing a national network of resources, Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado helps more than 400 member agencies provide food security to southern Coloradans in need. Unlike the member agencies it serves, Care and Share acts not as a local food pantry but as a regional hub, connecting a variety of nutritious food resources to those in need. By emphasizing education and awareness, and stressing advocacy on a local and national level, Care and Share also connects with businesses, organizations, government entities and individual community members in united participation in the fight against hunger.

How We Do It: Care and Share Food Bank is a member of Feeding America, the nation's largest network of food banks. Utilizing this network, Care and Share can procure food from a number of local and national distributors, manufacturers, grocers and growers. Care and Share brings acquired food into our warehouse by the truckload, breaks down the bulk and provides the donated food to member agencies. We also operate several programs that provide food and nutrition education to those in need.

Why We Do It: The root causes of hunger can be solved and no one should go hungry. Our community is only as strong as the families that live here. Reducing hunger provides a pathway to self-sufficiency and overall community well-being. Well-nourished families create vibrant workers, engaged voters and active citizens - the foundation of a strong community.

Who Do Our Agencies Help? The faces of hunger in southern Colorado may surprise you. More than 40% of the people our member agencies serve are working adults existing on wages so low that they must often decide whether to pay rent or put food on their childrens' plates. Our member agencies serve:

-Single Parents
-The elderly
-The disabled