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Carlo's Garage Winery

Carlo's Garage Winery
2022 Penn Avenue

Our Story:

The evolution of Carlo’s Garage Winery is one of the many great Pittsburgh stories.

When prohibition became law, Domenico Iasella was newly arrived from Abruzzi and was not to be denied his wine. So what did he do?

He began making his own wine right in the basement of his auto repair shop at 2022 Penn Avenue, in the heart of the Strip District of Pittsburgh.

Carlo his son, inherited both the auto repair shop and the taste for his father’s wine making. Although some of the hallmarks of the garage, like the original clock, remain; after 75 years, we have transformed this once mechanic’s garage into the winery/cafe and epicurean bakery it is today.

Our wine is made in small batches every year and with only a limited number of bottles, we are able to personally select our grapes from vineyards across California and Chile.

So please come enjoy Pittsburgh’s first urban winery, Carlo’s Garage Winery.

Please drink responsibly and then drink some more!