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Carlsbad Community Church

3175 Harding Street

Mission :

Worship - A believer who is developing a heart for God.

Fellowship - A believer who lives and practices authentic biblical community.

Growth - A believer who is deepening in his or her knowledge of God by growing in their understanding of the scriptures, equipped with life and ministry skills, and is practicing biblical stewardship.

Service - A believer who is using his or her spiritual gifts and talents and resources for the kingdom of God.

Witness - A believer who is impacting his or her world by living Christ-like and is sharing their faith.

Values :

Values are the pillars that support our vision and mission. These are unchanging beliefs and principles that guide our decisions and actions.

God's glory – We desire that all we do and all we say extols the worth, love, excellency, power and greatness of our God and points people to God and not ourselves.

God's presence – We believe in the nearness of God. We will seek His will, guidance and power in all that we do, devoting ourselves to become a worshiping and praying people.

God's truth – We believe that the Bible is God's authoritative word. We will work to teach and present it in a way that is biblically pure and biblically relevant.

God's character – God's holy and loving nature is meant to be on display in our lives. We will therefore seek to reflect with our lips and our lives the holy character of God.

God's honor – God is the most supreme and the most excellent of all beings, therefore, in all that we do we will strive for excellence, for excellence honors God and inspires people.