Carolyn Orchards

Carolyn Orchards
3899 Sykesville Rd.


Locally grown Fruits and Vegetables. Apples, peaches, corn, tomatoes and more when in season. We also press our own apple cider.

This is our 60th year in business(2015). Started by Luther's father in 1951, Luther bought the orchard in 1953 from his father after being discharged from the military. Its always been a family affair. 

We first started with peaches and apples but have continued to expand the variety of fruits and vegetables we grow and carry.

We purchased a cider press 35 years ago to make our own apple and cherry favored apple cider. 

Every year we make our own apple butter and apple sauce right in the store.

In the store we also keep a variety of McCutcheons jams and jellies for sale all year.