Catasauqua Area School District

201 North 14th Street

Mission :

The mission of the Catasauqua Area School District, in partnership withour community, is to achieve educational excellence and promote lifelong learning.

Beliefs :

- our first priority is to provide a nurturing environment for every student to succeed as aproductive, responsible member of our society. - a safe environment is created when there is an understanding and respect for diversity in all its forms. - a quality school system encompasses effective communication and cooperation among students, staff, school board members, families, and the community.
- that in an ever-changing society, we must promote theunderstanding of the need for life-long learning.
- the educational system must continuously re-examine its purpose, programs, curriculum, and direction to meet the many challenges in society.
- parents, teachers, and students share with the community the responsibility to educate and empower all students to make intellectual, ethical, and socially acceptable decisions.
- excellence in education requires a commitment to responsible expenditures of time, effort, and money from the entire community. - excellence in learning is a result of high expectations and a strong work ethic.