Center For Clay Art

28 North Beverwyck Road

About Us:

Our goal at the Center for Clay Art is to provide high quality instruction in a relaxed, supportive and clean atmosphere. We will encourage all who enter our door to tap into their own creative voice. Let it be known, we do not strive for perfection. With children, we offer suggestions and encourage them to take their time. Not all of them will, and that's ok. They are equally as proud of their piece as the child who strives for more.

Everyone learns at a different pace. Pottery isn't a competition, it's an art. You will find a relaxed and supportive environment from both the instructors and students. Often students are hesitant to begin because they feel that they do not know anything about pottery. Well, we all started at the same level and you will see, that the students are very encouraging to each other. It's comforting to hear that others have had the exact same issues that you may be experiencing.