Chad Coe Auctioneer

1121 Lake Cook Rd., Suite P

As a Charity Auctioneer, Chad Coe has a gift for creating an atmosphere for enthusiastic giving. He energizes audiences at galas and fundraisers. His presence results in entertaining, profitable events for the organizers. Chad has become a specialist in Fundraising Benefit Auctions having raised millions for charitable organizations.

Chad's Passion and Enthusiasm are Contagious! Because Chad believes it is his job is to "inspire audiences to give", he works tirelessly with each client to plan entertaining benefit auctions that are engaging while supporting the purpose of the organization. As an auctioneer, enthusiastically engages the audience to spend more money than they had planned while feeling really great about their contributions! Let Chad's skills and passion for charitable fundraising through auctions maximize the proceeds and the excitement for your next event.