Chandler Park Branch Library

12800 Harper

The Chandler Park Branch opened in its present location on March 23, 1957. The branch sits on property donated by the City of Detroit Parks and Recreation Depart. When it opened, the building was described as a light and airy tri-level, and was the last branch to be built for a number of years.

The Chandler Park Branch has a strong alliance with many neighborhood organizations and provides programming to support these organizations:

Operation Get Down Daycare (preschool programming)

Parkside Community (summer reading programs and poetry programs)

This branch offers space (upstairs auditorium) for block meetings, and neighborhood and classroom programs. It also offers areas for literacy tutoring. At certain times during the year, the Chandler Park Branch showcases artwork from Selket A-Alkebu-Lan, whose students range from eight years of age to the teen years. This branch strongly showcases African-American materials, having separate sections to highlight these materials. Currently, ten computers are available for public use.