Charles County Chamber of Commerce

101 Centennial Street, Suite A

Years ago, business leaders discovered that by joining forces, they could become an important voice to articulate the needs of their members, and to work to maintain an environment that would help them succeed. Thus Chambers of Commerce were founded.

Even today, the Charles County Chamber has as its most important role: the voicing of opinions in public forums that reflect the needs and desires of its members. Chambers have become much more as the years have evolved, and the Charles County Chamber of Commerce is certainly a good example, with experience dating back to 1956.


The Charles County Chamber of Commerce provides leadership in supporting and promoting the free enterprise system through business development, education, and sound ethical values for the benefit of our members and our communities.


Emily Stampfly

Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017
The Charles County Chamber of Commerce is the first chamber I have ever been apart of and I have honestly enjoyed every minute of it! The events held and the members are absolutely amazing! Tracey, Betsy, and Dee are the sweetest ladies you'll meet in Charles County. I truly enjoy being a part of this organization and being involved in all of the things they do for our community! If you are thinking about would be crazy not to!

Yolanda Logan

Thursday, July 25, 2013