Charles D. Owen High School

99 Lake Eden Road

School Mission Statement:
To prepare every student attending Charles D. Owen High Schoolwith the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become a successful, functioning member of society. To this end, opportunities for the mastery of the basic skills in all subject areas are provided to every student at a level that he or she will be challenged. In addition, Charles D. Owen High School provides a wholesome, stimulating, and productive learning environment conducive to the academic and personal growth of its student and staff.

School Belief Statement:

The faculty of Charles D. Owen High School is committed to a curriculum that will develop the perceptual, creative, manual, observational and communicative skills of each student. The curriculum will add to those skills, the basic principles, attitudes, values, and appreciations essential to democratic living.

We believe that today's student must gain an appreciation of his/her own uniqueness. Self-understanding leads to self-worth and a positive attitude toward learning and life. The student must perceive individual effort as essential to the progress of each successive structure he/she is part of - school, home, community, state, and nation. To ensure the success of those efforts in this rapidly changing world, he/she must be taught to temper knowledge with adaptability and discernment.