Chateau Routon Winery

Chateau Routon Winery
2700 Omo Ranch Rd

Open: Year-round

We are a family owned business, nestled in ffie footfalls of the Sierra Nevada 'Mountains. In 1995 we set out in search of new property that wouldsupport our Arabian horses, as wellas offer prime land for growing grapes. Our search lead us to fair Play, California in southern El Dorado County, on 85 acres of rolling hills, ponds and fantastic views! As part of the smallest viticultural

Area in the world, our soilis mostly decomposed granite, perfect for growing grapes at an elevation above 2000 feet,

We studied the wine industry and found a niche in port wines. Only a handfulof wineries specialize in Port, in the foothills. *We chose varieties of Portuguese port and Barbera grapes, initially plantingy grapes on five acres. Over the next two years, we added another seven acres of grapes. We are Known for our award-winninq, well

structured and balanced wines, unparalleledports and sweeping views from our Grand Deck

We are fortunate enouah to have a life style that gives us pleasure as we begin each day. We hold dear, our family, friends, horses, sheep, cats, Allie kat, Sierra and dog Tory.