Chee Dodge Elementary School

641 North Highway 491

Mission of Chee Dodge Elementary Is to create a community that Succeeds through PAWS.

Henry Chee Dodge was a U.S. official government Interpreter, the last official Head Chief of the Navajos, and first Tribal Chairman of the Navajo Tribe. He was born at Fort Defiance, Arizona, the son of a Navajo-Jemez mother - Bisnayanchi, and Mexican Silversmith - Juan Cocinas (Aneas, Anea, Anaya, Cosinisas, Goshinashu). Bisnayanchi died looking for food while leaving her son with relatives during the Navajo Tribe's trek to imprisonment to Fort Sumner. His name, Chee came from his Navajo name, Kiilchii', and Henry Dodge from the white Agent that his father had respected. When his mom did not return, Chee was passed on to different Navajo families, until being adopted by his new family, and old man and daughter, and then official Navajo Chief, chosen by a white Indian Agent and approved by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior and Commissioner of Indian Affairs. His leadership brought the tribe to an effective modern day organization. He also encouraged education and continuance in the traditional Navajo beliefs. His stern discipline at home caused his children to work hard and eventually become leaders in the Navajo political system.