Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church

6410 Amherst Avenue


In 2010 Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church embarked upon a mission study to determine our vision – what kind of faith community God was and is calling us to be. We learned a great deal about ourselves in that time and have been working hard since to implement the vision that resulted. One, very valuable, result of the study was the development of a new mission statement. This statement encapsulates our identity and our vision. It reflects who we are and who we hope to be.

Grateful to God for his constant loving presence and guided by his Word, we are called to be a people who:

  • Praise God in worship and in our daily lives,

  • Grow Biblically and spiritually in our life together,

  • Reach out as witnesses of Jesus Christ, serving those in need, and

  • Share Christ’s love with one another and everyone we meet.


malakeh angel

Friday, June 2, 2017
I'm Iranian and I miss church a lot.I moved to your country one month ago and I search for a church to find my family there and be full of holly spirit, me and my son are very alone here.I hope to see you soon .God bless you

Caitlin Roscoe

Thursday, June 2, 2016
Very friendly community of people who take care of one another and serve God. The church makes a special effort to include children in all activities and provides childcare for the youngest children at meetings and events when they can't participate. We enjoyed packing meals for school feeding and emergency relief programs as part of last month's Generations in Faith Together (GIFT) event. Children as young as four were helping by counting the packed meals and delivering supplies. Adults with mobility issues were sitting at weigh stations to check the meals. It is a community that truly wants everyone to help how they can.

Hyiwot Teshome

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015
The most welcoming and open church I have ever been associated with. Member or not, people go out of their way to reach out and touch your life. You become family almost immediately. Many opportunities to live the life of Christ and help your fellow human beings - all accepted as beloved children of God. Children and adults all participate and lead with worship service, helped by a great pastor and support staff. From great worship music to great sermons, I can't imagine being anywhere else for my family. Come and join us in our community of God. You will never regret it.

Liz Perraud

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015
I've been attending Christ Memorial for over 25 years. My husband and I were invited by friends and immediately welcomed and enveloped into the life of the church. Neither of us were "cradle Presbyterians" (by any stretch of the imagination) and that mattered not a bit. I've always appreciated the range of ages in the congregation especially as our sons were growing up and had the opportunity to get to know (well) Christian people of all generations. I enjoy returning the favor now that we are "empty-nesters." Engaging worship, mission/service opportunities, fellowship events, interesting Bible study, diversity of cultures and opinions (and so much more) make CMPC what it is. The Wednesday night LOGOS program is my passion and serving there in a variety of leadership and support roles has widened and deepened my faith in Christ. The people I have met over the years at Christ Memorial are some of my nearest and dearest friends who feel like family. We are blessed to be led by Pastor Scott Hoffman and despite his affinity for Pittsburgh sports teams, shepherds our congregation with wisdom, humor and deep faith. Come see us some Sunday morning!

Bob Ashman

Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017