Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples

2041 Larkin Street

The Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples was founded in 1944 by Dr. Howard Thurman and Dr. Alfred Fisk as the nation's first interracial interfaith congregation.

Fellowship Church maintains formal and informal relations with representatives of various religious communities. Worship services, forums, seminars, and special events are held to probe and celebrate the richness, diversity and oneness of the spiritual quest. The present pastoral leadership, members and guest speakers from Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, and Indigenous religious traditions embody the "profound conviction that meaningful and creative experiences between peoples can be more compelling than all the ideas, concepts, faiths, fears, ideologies, and prejudices that divide them." We believe that such experiences when sustained over a sufficient period of time deepen the common ground of relationship with a sense of unity that can undermine any barrier that separates one person from another.