Church Of The Most Precious Blood

1245 Fourth Avenue


Shirley Henry

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018
Every Saturday we give out fresh food from Albertsons to all in need. And on Monday morning we give out bread to anyone in need.

Emma Gonzalez

Sunday, June 3, 2018
Easily one of my favorite churches in Chula Vista.

Tammy Leatherman

Saturday, Sep. 16, 2017
Always kind, even if you are not a member. My daughter was baptized here. I have been to a confession her once 25 yes ago. I organized my father-in-law's funeral here a decade ago. The priest was younger, and a but Kinder than the old priest from my confession. The priest conducted a lively funeral especially taking to account he knew nothing if the deceased. The family was happy with it. I see they still offer Bingo in Wednesday's. I should go. I remember going with my grandmother thirty years ago. I have even bought their fundraising dinners that were delicious. A strongly devoted group of women keep the various chapels going. I live close enough to see the steeple, ND hear its bells. I find it's long time community presence next to Laudebach school, and adjacent to the back of Lauderbach Park, soothingb, and comforting. It is a shame Chula Vista has not assisted the homeless, or the groups helping them, from turning a once vital park into a homeless gathering place. This has long since closed the opening in the fence between the park and church. The church used to have meals/bread give away for homeless/super low income. Unsure if this still occurs.

aivilOMaria Jaraba

Saturday, May 12, 2018
I've went to this church since I was like 5 years old

Just Me Annie

Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018
I'm not a parishioner at Most Precious Blood but I do love playing Bingo on Wednesday nights there.