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Churchill Road Elementary School

7100 Churchill Road

The Churchill Road Elementary School staff and community share high expectations for student achievement and a commitment to provide a firm foundation for future learning. Together we work to stimulate and encourage curiosity and instill a love of learning.

In a community enriched by cultural diversity, staff members value the uniqueness of every student and strive to reinforce the self-worth of each. Learning opportunities from other lands are incorporated into the instructional program in an effort to encourage a greater understanding of the world community.

Emphasis is placed on developing sensitivity, understanding the needs of others, respecting individual differences, and demonstrating courtesy toward all members of the school community. Accommodations are provided that foster individual development and leadership.

Parents, students, and teachers work together toward the common goal of ensuring that all students receive an excellent and appropriate education. We envision that:

All students will achieve at the highest standards of learning.
Behavior in the learning community will have tolerance, respect, honesty, good citizenship, and integrity at its core.
Learning will be a lifelong endeavor for all and will keep pace with technological advances.
In an atmosphere that nurtures and supports every individual in our educational community, Churchill Road is a place in which it is safe to reach, to challenge, to learn, and to grow.