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City of Brighton

200 North First Street

As a service center for Livingston County, the City of Brighton, Michigan is dedicated to serving its residents and helping to provide the highest quality of life - culturally, socially, economically and environmentally. The City of Brighton is committed to proactive, regional strategies that will meet the needs of its residents and also benefit the citizens of the Greater Brighton area.

Brighton is the fastest-growing segment of Livingston County, the fastest-growing county in the State of Michigan. Brighton's population is about 7,000, although the Greater Brighton area straddles four townships with a combined population of more than 70,000 who consider Brighton their "hometown."

Brighton is committed to providing timely information to its key audiences - residents, business owners, community leaders, local government officials, media and others. The more they know, the better the quality of life in the Brighton region.

Brighton also prides itself on providing the most professional service possible, from answering questions about voter registration to helping someone navigate a new project through the planning and zoning process.