City of Dayton

514 Sixth Avenue

History :

It may be hard to conceive the City of Dayton divided into two communities, but today's Dayton Kentucky is the result of a merger between the communities of Brooklyn and Jamestown that took place in 1867.

Jamestown was incorporated March 1st, 1848. According to the state charter, the founding fathers were James Berry, James McArthur & Henry Walker. Berry was a grandson of James Taylor, founder of Newport.

The plat for the community of Brooklyn was filed with the county clerk on Nov. 9th of 1848. The man behind Brooklyn was a real estate trader named Burton Hazen. The town of Brooklyn that was laid out in 1848 was the west side of Dayton. The western border was Berry Street, the eastern border was McKinney Street and the only north-south border was Main.