City Of Erie

626 State Street


Founded in 1795 after purchase of the Erie Triangle,Flagship city- used to be called Gem City, some say for the sparkling bay,Home port of the Brig Niagara (reconstructed flagship of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry).Helped win the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812  Reconstructed Niagara launched in 1989, floating museum and ambassador of Pennsylvania,4th largest city in Pennsylvania.Pennsylvania's only lake port city,More than 25% of jobs are in manufacturing,Over 10% of the nation's plastic injection molding is done in Erie,4 of the nation's Top 50 plastic companies are located in Erie,Erie's largest employer is General Electric Transportation Systems. manufacturer of locomotives,Presque Isle Bay is surrounded by a 7-mile peninsula,An average of 1.5 million fish are caught each year in Lake Erie, its bays and tributaries,Top 20 family fishing spots in the nation, by Field & Stream magazine Home to the oldest land lighthouse on the Great Lakes,Land Lighthouse at the foot of Lighthouse Street in the City of Erie, built in 1818. replace in 1867,Presque Isle Lighthouse, built in 1872, is also a park employee residence, Name derived from Eriez Indians that spoke the Iroquois language. Erie County is home to Pat Monahan- lead singer of the Grammy winning band, Train.'Alice' from the Brady Bunch, Ann B. Davis, is a native of Erie .Erie means "raccoon", the Erie tribe is sometimes referred to as the Cat nation, the raccoon being a wild cat that appears as the main figure on the Erie totem pole.

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