City of Fonda

104 West Second Street

About Fonda:

Marvin was the name first given to the station and express office, and Cedarville was the name accorded to the post office in Cedar township, located on the banks of Cedar Creek. By the time Cedar township was formed, the town and post office were called Marvin.  Marvin was the name picked by the man who donated the land, ordered the plat, and designated that this new little town be named after his friend. The use of the names Marvin and Manson caused confusion to those sorting mail on the trains, and it was suggested that the name be changed. In 1874, AO Garlock and George Fairburn took the post office directory and selected a new name that was not common in Iowa.  The name Fonda only appeared once in the directory, the name of a town in western New York state.