City Of Hallsville

202 Highway 124 East

The City of Hallsville, Missouri was incorporated as a fourth class city in 1957. The city is run by a Mayor/Board of Alderman/City Administrator form of government. The Mayor is elected at large for a two year term. The Mayor is the official head of the City but can only vote on matters in the event of a tie.

The City Council members are elected from wards. The city has 2 members from 2 wards. Ward I is all the land in the City lying north of Rt. OO and Highway 124 East and Ward II is all the land in the City lying south of these roads. The City Council is the policymaking body of the City government.

The City of Hallsville has 3 major departments: City Clerk's Office, Police Department and Public Works Department.

The City of Hallsville requires that all cats and dogs over 6 month of age be City licensed. Proof of rabies shots is required. The annual fee is $5 each and $3 if animal is spayed or neutered. The city requires all dogs to be on a leash or under voice command if off of the owner's property. Cats are allowed to roam free as long as they are City licensed. The Police Department operates a kennel for stay dogs but the city does not pick up cats although private citizens may take cats to the Humane Society if they are not licensed. The maximum number of pets allowed are 4 dogs or 4 cats. To report a lost or found animal, call the Police Department at 696-3885 or the Humane Society at 443-3893.

The city requires all grass and weeds to be no greater than 6".

Businesses inside the city limits are required to have a City Business License before operating a business.

The city owns and operates the Community Center. The rental fee is $75 per day plus a $100 deposit. It is rented on a first-come, first-service basis, up to a year in advance. Local non-profit organizations may use the building for a rental fee of $15.

The City Park shelter houses are reserved through the City Hall. There is a $10 rental fee for their use and reservations must be made through City Hall.

The civil defense sirens, located at the Community Center on Rt. OO and on Ricketts Road near the water tower, are tested the first Wednesday of each month at noon. In the event of an emergency, tune to KFRU Radio, 1400 AM.