City of Melvindale

3100 Oakwood Boulevard

The City of Melvindale operates under the Council-Mayor form of government. The Mayor, City Clerk, Treasurer/Assessor, and six council members are elected for four-year terms. The Mayor appoints, and the City Council confirms the City Attorney, City Administrator, and all other department heads. These individuals serve at the will and pleasure of the Mayor and City Council.

Melvindale is a residential-industrial city located in central Wayne County, and encompasses an area of approximately 2.72 square miles, with a population of 10,735. The City is bounded on the south by Lincoln Park, on the west and south by Allen Park, on the north by Dearborn, and on both the south and east by Detroit. The Rouge River serves as a natural boundary to the north.

Melvindale’s geographic position is somewhat unique due to so many interstate freeways, major roads, and rail lines passing through or near the community, thereby providing transportation access to virtually anywhere in the metropolitan region. Flanked by I-94 Freeway on the west, and I-75 Freeway on the east, Outer Drive, Oakwood, Greenfield, and Schaefer cross the city in an east-west direction, while Dix-Toledo and Allen Road cross north and south. Commercial development is located along the major roads. The GT&W and Norfolk and Southern Railroads have lines crossing the city.