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City Of Plant City

302 West Reynolds Street


Plant City is a vibrant city with a diverse economy, excellent services, effective government, a good educational system, and an attractive downtown. As Plant City has grown and prospered, residents still have the sense of belonging to a community. They know their neighbors, share an understanding of Plant City's history, demonstrate care and concern for others, and celebrate the City's cultural heritage.

Plant City is a community and not just another city. It is a great place to raise a family because there is a sense of family in Plant City, and people support each other. The youth are recognized as an asset, and Plant City is a place where all young people feel at home. More students are prepared for higher learning and for the work force and fewer are dropping out of school. Plant City is a community where young people want to stay and raise a family.

Plant City's economy is diverse and robust. It is growing steadily, on a par with the rest of the state, in a variety of economic sectors. Jobs are plentiful, and agriculture remains a viable part of the Plant City economy. The Interstate 4 corridor has become a mecca for high tech and other clean industry, and Plant City's industrial space is fully occupied with viable businesses. Because of the quality of the education system, Plant City's children are well-prepared for jobs or for going on to higher education. Children who grow up here are able to find jobs that allow them to stay in Plant City and raise their families, so that it is common for multiple generations of the same family to call Plant City home.

Infrastructure and Services
The City has a transportation system that efficiently delivers people and products. Trucks use a completed bypass system to reduce noise and congestion near the residential and commercial areas of Plant City. Recreational opportunities are located in all quadrants of Plant City. Residents enjoy quick response times from the police and fire departments, as well as EMS. The City has the capacity to serve all existing residents and those projected to annex into the City, with needed utilities.

The Downtown of Plant City is active and vibrant. It is the center of the community, a place where people live, work, and shop. Visitors from around the region are attracted to the rich architectural heritage. Plant City's history is recognized and promoted in the downtown area and surrounding historic neighborhoods. The downtown provides a safe and pleasant walking experience with reduced traffic conflicts. People gather and enjoy a variety of activities and special events, services and shopping experiences. Business owners are warm and friendly and are actively involved in the promotion of the downtown.

Plant City is a model of good governance. City government is effective, efficient and financially strong. City Hall is open and accessible to the public, and its leaders continue a long tradition of being responsive to their constituents' needs. Community leaders work together as partners and plan effectively for Plant City's future. The City's healthy growth rate is well managed, and the City has control over the land development patterns in eastern Hillsborough County. Growth provides a variety of housing to meet the needs of all segments of the community. Though the City continues to grow, its leadership does not distance itself from the people. No one group is left behind when it comes to making decisions that affect Plant City. City government assures citizen participation and, in turn, this contributes to a general sense of well-being and quality of life.