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City Of Sharon

155 West Connelly Boulevard

About Us

City of Sharon, located in the northwest of Pennsylvania on the Ohio border, was first settled in 1802 and laid out as a town in 1815. Sharon was incorporated as a borough on October 16, 1841, and incorporated as a city December 17, 1916. The area's first steel mill appeared in 1887 when F.H. Buhl, D. Hagan and Samuel McClure organized the Sharon Steel Casting's Company with an open-hearth furnace. Buhl played a crucial role in the development of the industry in the region. His influence extended far beyond his steel mills, making his name synonymous with philanthropic activity. Other companies also participated in the local steel scene. One of the most outstanding was the National Malleable and Steel Casting Company, which came to Sharon in 1900. A combination of several former steel casting manufacturers lead to the first electric furnace in the United States.