City Of Sweet Springs

324 South Miller

Sweet Springs began as a stopping place for pioneers who were making their way across the Missouri River. The town's first settlers came from Kentucky in 1817; it was incorporated in 1832 and renamed to Brownsville in 1838 in honor of the man who owned the land on which the village stood.

Soon after, a minister passing through discovered his ailing wife's health was restored after drinking from a local spring. He bought the land the spring was located on and soon the water was famous, with visitors coming from far and wide. The name "Sweet Springs" became synonymous with the town, and the name was changed from Brownsville to Sweet Springs in 1887.

Located on Interstate 70--the Main Street of the nation--Sweet Springs offers easy accessibility by highway. Its proximity to rail service and location in the center of America's heartland makes it an attractive site for business and industry alike.

Sweet Springs is a great place for those individuals who enjoy living in a "small town" atmosphere yet desire the benefits of visiting metropolitan and recreational areas such as Kansas City, Columbia, Branson, Truman Lake, and the Lake of the Ozarks.